Summer Fun, With Water Balloons!

I remember when i was younger how much i looked forward to summer vacation. Now as an adult with kids of my own, with less than a month left of the school year, I find myself sitting here trying to figure out ways to keep them busy for those long, HOT summer days.

What’s a better way to beat the heat than using water balloons? As a parent your fingers may be sore by the time you’re done tying all these balloons off, but the smiles on your children’s faces will make it worth it. I promise. So here’s a list of different games you can play with water balloons, because just throwing them at each other is so last season!

1. Water Balloon Toss –  Yes! You guessed it, just like an egg toss. Stand directly across from your partner. Start off close, and with each successful toss and catch, take a step back. The game ends when someone gets wet. **To make the game more interesting, have kids lather up hands with soap before starting!**

2. “Hot Water” Balloon – Just like Hot Potato, but wetter! Play some music, when the music stops whoever is holding the “hot potato” is out and game continues until there is one player left. **Or I just came across this while making this post: Play hot potato using a water balloon with a small hole poked in it that causes a little leak as it goes around the circle.**

3. Water Balloon 3-Legged Race –  Have each racer hold a balloon. Who ever wins, gets to throw the unbroken balloons at the losing team/s.

4. Water Balloon Egg Relays – Carry your balloon on a spoon! Try a serving spoon because anything smaller may be impossible. **Or use an empty paper towel roll and have the balloons sit on the top.**

5. Water Balloon Tag – Whoever is “it,” carries the water balloon. If you get hit with the balloon and it breaks, well “Tag you’re it!!”

6. Water Balloon Dodge Ball – Just like regular Dodge Ball. Be careful not to hit other players in the face!

7. Water Piñatas –  Hang up those water balloons and grab a stick!

8. Water Balloon Darts – Hang up some balloons (the smaller the easier), and see who can hit the target!

9. Blindfold Toss Game –  Blindfold the players with bandanas and have them try and toss water balloons to each other.

10. Catch and Duck – Divide the kids into 2 teams and have them stand at a good distance apart. Each team gets a plastic tub filled with water balloons and an empty plastic tub. The teams take the water balloons and throw them at each other. While they are throwing water balloons they are also trying to catch the balloons that are being thrown at them. The balloons that are caught are placed in the empty container. When there are no more the caught balloons are counted and the the team with the most wins!

11. Net Catch – Play catch with the balloons using large nets to catch them with.

12. Target Splash – Draw different targets on the sidewalk or driveway with sidewalk chalk.  One at a time let the kids try and hit the targets with the water balloons.

Don’t forget the most important game of all!

13. Water Balloon Pick Up – After the games are over give each child a sack or container and whoever picks up the most balloon pieces gets a prize!

Now if you’re like me, your fingers will probably get tired trying to tie all those balloons. I found this awesome product on Amazon, that I promise you won’t regret buying this summer. It makes filling and tying balloons super easy! Go check it out!



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