Ice Block Treasure Hunt

I just came across this idea of The Ice Block Treasure Hunt that I think my 3 year old would absolutely love to do.  Plus it seems it’s something that could keep him busy for a while, and keep him cool at the same time.

So here’s what you will need:

×plastic container or bowl
×small toys: plastic animals, cars, rings, bouncy balls, shells, coins, etc
×optional: ice cube tray, food coloring and water to make colored ice
×warm water, spray bottles, paintbrushes, salt, a hammer – or anything really that you think would work it get the toys out.

Now what you need to do:

1. Make and freeze colored ice cubes using the food coloring and water

2. Fill the plastic container with about and inch of water. Add three or four toys and some colored ice cubes and freeze.

3. When the first layer is frozen solid, add more water and a few more toys and ice cubes. Repeat this process until your container is full and you have a solid block of ice. It may take a couple of days to create your ice block.

4. Remove the ice block from the plastic container.

5. Give your kids the tools you picked out so they can start digging out the toys while you sit back and enjoy watching them.


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